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UO is the future of TTRPGs that seamlessly blends video game elements with tabletop mechanics. Prepare for a next-gen gaming experience!
Our TTRPG project is currently in development, and we're excited to announce that a Kickstarter campaign to bring this vision to life is coming soon!
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Epic fantasy battle scene in TTRPG Unlimited Online – Experience the Adventure
UO is slated to be The Best Tabletop RPG of 2024! A fusion of scifi, fantasy, video gaming and anime has led to an innovative tabletop game design that even a beginner can enjoy.
Our core systems for raising two characters in tandem, cultivating Species Traits, Spell Scribing, Crafting and Enchanting will present players with new tabletop gaming strategies that have not been seen before. Welcome to the world of UO!
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Dynamic action panel from Unlimited Online webcomic – Heroes battle against dark forces
This TTRPG is based on the action sci-fantasy webcomic UO by TonicBoy. It is a brilliant universe that offers a wide range of creatures, realms and storytelling. The comic has an amazing knack for balancing a near feature world with that of a video game fantasy world. It is the perfect place to build a next generation roleplaying game.
The comic follows Harada and D as they created a revolutionary, world-building AI. When their experiment goes radio silent, they login to find an immersive fantasy world waiting for them. Read more of the comic on Webtoons.
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Monsters of Unlimited Online – Encounter legendary beasts in a top-rated RPG
Crafting and enchanting in action – Dive into Unlimited Online's rich gameplay
The year is 2069. Our Earth is on the cusp of change. Advanced technologies are being created daily by Ghost Companies and leaked down to the masses at an alarming rate. It is a brand new frontier for sciences like fusion and AI. Rogue and home-grown scientists are making most of the leading discoveries while organizations like S.C.A.R. and W.A.T. try to keep them in check. Our world is never going to be the same. As a modern day guild hall, The Backrooms has become a hub for hackers crossing over to Gaia.
Primal elementals created the world of
Gaia. These Greater Spirits divided the lands, creating domains befitting their whims. They filled the world with all manor of species, plants, and animals. The Greater Spirits nurtured and educated their creations. Civilizations were formed and soon the people of the land began to lust after the power the Greater Spirits possessed. The creations inevitably raised their fists against their creators. The Greater Spirits were either captured, driven into hiding or became so malicious that the inhabitants fled their domain. Despite this, the world of Gaia has flourished. It is a place of magic, mystery and wonderment.
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Intricate character design in UO webcomic – Explore the detailed artwork of main characters
Gaia's combat classes are Acolyte, Fighter, Hunter, Scientist and Thief. These Avatar classes have advanced and master progression paths that will offer a unique variety of role playing options. Re-invent yourself to explore the mysteries of Gaia. 
UO redefines character creation with an array of Avatar Classes designed for immersive gameplay. While combat skills are a thrilling part of any adventure, at UO, we celebrate the art of role-playing as a TTRPG core feature. We've infused our tabletop role-playing game with a rich selection of role-playing abilities that stand shoulder to shoulder with combat skills, ensuring a balanced and deep gaming experience. Remember you are the underdog here, a person out of their element and up to your neck in the unknown.
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Epic fantasy battle scene in TTRPG Unlimited Online – Experience the Adventure
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Step into the immersive worlds of our tabletop RPG and webcomic adventures, where fantasy and science fiction converge to captivate players and readers alike. Explore diverse realms teeming with magic, mystery, and peril, as you embark on epic quests and uncover thrilling narratives. With engaging storytelling, vibrant artwork, and innovative game mechanics, our creation offers an unforgettable experience for fans of roleplaying games and comics alike. Join us on a journey through the vast landscapes of imagination, where every choice shapes the course of destiny. Dive into the adventure today and discover why we're the top choice for TTRPG enthusiasts and comic lovers worldwide. Sign up for the newsletter and be on the lookout for our Kickstarter TTRPG success!

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Dynamic character creation in Unlimited Online – Build your ultimate hero
Unlimited Online webcomic cover art – Dive into the visually stunning epic series

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