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Avatar Classes

Name: Jayce

Avatar Class: Shield Master

Affiliation: Backrooms Trainer

Likes: Newbs

Dislikes: Know-it-alls

Zodiac: Cancer

Favorite Food: Souffle' Pancakes

Gaia's combat classes are Acolyte, Fighter, Hunter, Scientist and Thief. These Avatar classes have advanced progression paths that will offer a unique variety of role playing options. Avatars are made using Unlimited's UI and can be created from many of the sentient species of Gaia. Re-invent yourself to explore the mysteries of Gaia. 


The Priest branch focuses on enhancing and healing allies. Enemies on the other hand will receive a bevy of curses and debilitating ailments.

Monks strive for perfection of the mind and body. The Divine Fist is the embodiment of the physical spectrum while the Chi Master can battle without lifting a finger.


Encased in layers of plate and chain mail, Tanks bully the battlefield. Always on the frontline and nigh unkillable, Shield Masters and Paladins protect others from damage.

As a Warrior, anything can be a weapon! Choose your flavor of violence and wreak havoc.  They are a terrifying mix of courage, aggressiveness and athleticism.


Naturalists are able to tame and assimilate the beasts of Gaia. They have the blessings of the realm which allows them to communicate with animals and move within the earth.

Possessing phenomenal eyesight and danger sense, Rangers are unparalleled survivalists. If you see a Deadeye or Commando it is likely you are already in their trap.


Telekinesis, Teleportation, and Time are tools of the Displacer. These eclectic masters seek knowledge and power to further their understanding of the cosmos.

The primal forces of the elements can be manipulated by Shamans. They even posses the ability to turn themselves into elementals or traverse the realm of the dead.


Engineers specialize in creating machines that are fueled by mana. These contraptions can take the forms of vehicles, golems or multifunctional tools.

The Alchemist combines speculative philosophy with chemistry and biology! The results are often wonderfully dangerous! They are the oddballs in the avatar hierarchy. 


The bad part of town is a welcomed site to a Rogue. They know this is where the best deals are made and where coals are turned into diamonds. They are adept at shady business and assassinations. 

The Artisan dabbles in many things that either turns to a life of art or a life of business. Both are lined with comforts only lots of money can bring. They are a great addition to any party.


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