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Earth Year 2069

Name: De'ja

Avatar Class: Portal Master

Affiliation: IDGAF Crew

Likes: Anywhere but here

Dislikes: Here

Zodiac: Libra

Favorite Food: Chili Fries

The year is 2069. Our Earth is on the cusp of change. Advanced technologies are being created daily and leaked down to the masses at an alarming rate. It is a brand new frontier for sciences like fusion and AI. Rogue and home-grown scientists are making most of the leading discoveries. Our world is never going to be the same.


Our Future in Technology

Cheap energy has sparked an age of invention. Many advances in technology have been made by private tinkerers. Conglomerates are scurrying to bring these new talents into their fold. Bidding wars over patents have made scientists more prosperous than athletes. Most menial tasks have been mechanized. With this new lease on life, people have turned to scholastic research, driving creative ingenuity to the foreground. However, this movement is not without it's demerits. With new technology comes a new breed of crime.


Unlimited goes Online

Artificial intelligence has gained the ability to learn from experience and interact socially with other computers and humans. Unlimited is an AI system created to autonomously create game worlds. Harada Sanosuke created the hardware and D created the algorithms that made UO possible. Through corporate espionage, the Unlimited AI was leaked and went online without being thoroughly vetted. Hackers and gamers quickly discover that this could be the greatest invention of humanity, but is there more to this than just a game?


The Backrooms

As a modern guild hall, The Backrooms is a hub for hackers crossing over to Gaia. The Backrooms is a safe haven for shady dealings, information brokers, questing and trading. As far as rumors go, there are secret corridors within The Backrooms that can teleport you anywhere on Earth if you have the right key.


S.C.A.R. & W.A.T.

The black ops agency S.C.A.R. is tasked with suppressing actions from nonstandard threats. They are a different breed, primarily composed of highly intelligent combat scientists. The few that have seen S.C.A.R. at work claim that they are superhuman. No one knows their chain of command or affiliation but you can count on them utterly destroying the target.

W.A.T. stands for War Against Tech. It is a faction that protests the widespread use of new technology. They can be destructive and violent. By burning down retail stores and threatening people who buy ghost tech, this faction is as close to a legal terrorist group as you can get. Lobbyists complain how ghost companies dip into stock profits and reiterate the dangers of untested technology. Because of this, the underground believes that this group is corporately funded. 


Ghost Companies

Ghost Companies manufacture and distribute untested tech through well-known retail chains. A lot of this tech is dangerous and addictive. Sports doping with nerve-tech and full-dive virtual reality have become the poster children for W.A.T. The police come up empty-handed when they investigate the origins of these companies. No one knows how these products end up on the shelves but you can be certain that they sell out immediately!


Key Players

After inventing the Rapid Reach multi-manifold buss, Harada Sanosuke quit the corporate world when he got the raw end of the deal. He unexpectantly becomes the legal guardian of a prodigy delinquent named D. In an emotional encounter, the two vow to do something great together. UO is the outcome of that promise. Harada created the neuro-bridge and interface apparatus for UO. He pioneered bio-memory that allowed D to create the Unlimited AI. After the leak of UO, Harada went off grid.

is the adopted son of Harada Sanosuke. His biological parents were active members of S.C.A.R. who died in the line of duty. As a kid, D played in labs and was surrounded by brilliant scientists. His intellect and sass are as sharp as a whip. He refined his programming and data management skillset in order to keep his promise with Harada. It led to the birth of the Unlimited AI. After the leak of UO, D went off grid. 

Ueno Jiro was Harada's boss at Saka Industries. He took credit for Harada's Rapid Reach research and ultimately pushed Harada to leave the company. He is a corporate sleazebag with ties to the black market. His MO is to find inventors he can manipulate, steal their tech and sell it to the highest bidder. He tried stealing from Harada a second time but ,with D guarding his back, the operation went south. Ueno now owes money to some very dangerous people and is currently on the run. 

Ibn Ardens is a mystery. He has traveled across many realms and now has his sights set on Earth. Ibn leads a chaotic faction of cultists that act on behalf of the dark god Eschaton. He is an enigma with otherworldly power.

Cashere is the leader of The Backrooms. He and his companions were the first to venture into the Abyss and make it back alive. Shortly after, The Backrooms was founded. Cashere secretly uses the organization to prepare adventurers to fight the threat of Eschaton. He has amassed wealth and power due to his connections. It is said that he possesses a way to bring items back from Gaia. Many seek him out to see if it's true.

Creature, aka Adam Hill is the first Platinum Grade Hero from Earth. He was originally part of Cashere's crew but declined a partnership role in founding The Backrooms. His heart led him to permanently take up residence in Gaia. His mission is to explore every crevice and walk with the natives. No one from the outside is more adept or knowledgeable about this new world. Creature may very well be the man to crack the secrets of both Earth and Gaia.


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