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The World of Gaia

Name: Remus

Avatar Class: Acolyte

Affiliation: Aceier Academy

Likes: Noble Chicks

Dislikes: Lowbrow Humor

Zodiac: Pisces

Favorite Food: Macaroons

Primal elementals created the world of Gaia. These Greater Spirits divided the lands, creating domains befitting their whims. They filled the world with all manor of species, plants, and animals. The Greater Spirits nurtured and educated their creations. Civilizations were formed and soon the peoples of the land began to lust after the power the Greater Spirits possessed. The creations raised their hands against the creators. The Greater Spirits were either captured, driven into hiding or became so malicious that the inhabitants of Gaia fled their realm. 

Despite this, the kingdoms of Gaia flourish. Magic, the manipulation of elemental forces, is an innate practice amongst the inhabitants. With the aid of Lesser Spirits, Many diverse cultures and cities have formed across the lands.


Aceiar - The Wind Kingdom

The Kingdom of Bastia attempted to capture the Great Spirit Sylph. Due to a miscalculation, two relics of power caused a catastrophic explosion. The solid lands of Aceiar were fragmented into clusters of islands. The shockwave tore the wings from every man, woman and child of the land. Since the cataclysm no one, peasant or noble, has been born with wings.

Sylph, the Great Spirit of wind! She took on many forms as she traveled her realm. Sometimes becoming a bolt of lightning speeding through the skies or leisurely rolling by as a cloud. Although rarely drawn to words, Sylph spreads her wisdom by way of meaningful Haikus. In the days of peace her whimsical voice was carried by the winds to every corner of Aceiar.

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Sha-La - The Fire Kingdom

The continent of Sha-La is a vast desert. At the beginning, it was a clean canvas of hot sand. The Great Spirit Salamander made this realm wondrous by superheating the sand and creating grand structures of colored glass. After the disappearance of Salamander, these landmarks were taken by the inhabitants or overrun by monsters.

Salamander, the Great Spirit of fire! He prefers actions over words but oddly enough his actions aren’t geared towards violence. Despite his fiery heat, he lives by an artistic philosophy and has a way of cooling tempers.  Salamander was the only Great Spirit who regularly visited his brethren and lent them his fire to help create their realms.

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Nolo - The Ethereal Kingdom

Nolo is a realm considered to be the bridge between the physical and spiritual world. Souls wander these abnormal lands and possess the fauna. Talking trees, animals and even rocks are common here. The sun never rises in this realm, it is ruled by perpetual moonlight. Nolo lacks the vast cities of other kingdoms, but boasts many nomadic settlements. The biggest of these being The Midnight Carnival.

Luna is the Great Spirit of the moon. She erected a crystalline monolith at the border of her lands. It reads "If you enter here with a lust for my power I will drop the moons from the heavens and the dead will ravage the living." Many armies have come and turn around at the site of it. Although no one has seen Luna for hundreds of years, it is said that she oversees the cycle of reincarnation.

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Dondon - The Earth Kingdom

Dondon is the most expansive territory in the realm. The kingdom extends beneath most topside establishments. Because of its sheer size, Dondon is a divided kingdom. By right and by might, the Sons of the Earth rule the majority of Dondon. The Chanterelle, an expanding settlement of mushroom entities, are a cooperative faction within the kingdom. The last ruling class of Dondon are The Fallen.

Gnome, the Great Spirit of earth! His demeanor is as rough as his exterior! Brash and hot-tempered, Gnome’s shortsighted actions caused him to be the first to get captured. His vast mountain ranges are rich with minerals. His lands are riddled with military strategists and spies. 


Yanzill - The Wood Kingdom

Yanzill has flourished as a realm due to it’s agriculture. Surprisingly, the Great Spirit Dryad divided her power amongst the citizens of the kingdom. The region is ruled by a council of Five: The Arborist, Planter, Gardner, Harvester and Grocer. The council commands a greater share of Dryad's power.

Dryad, the Great Spirit of wood! Respectful of life, Dryad did not fight when the races hunted her down. She only uttered “Life will prevail”. Rumors say that Yanzill only captured the husk of the Great Spirit and the real Dryad still lives free in her vast forest. As for the majority, they believe Dryad sleeps in the sanctuary tree city of Yggdrasil. Her roots spread throughout the nation creating a fertile land. 

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Shazam - The Illusionary Kingdom

Shazam is a kingdom of entertainment! It is known for its revelry, wine, and harlots. Even the wild animals have the ability to manage complex illusions. Many entertainers and showmen gravitate to these lands with the dreams of gaining a spotlight. The mantra  "See what you want to see." has become the brand of the glamourous cities of Shazam. 

Wisp, the Great Spirit of light, is fond of parlor tricks and daydreaming. He created the domain of illusion.  Living in a castle of mirrors, no one was capable of capturing Wisp. After every attempt, the Great Spirit would invite King Loron back to play this deadly game of cat and mouse. The King devised a plan that trapped Wisp in his own castle while being chased by terrible mana eating beasts. Hunted and a prisoner within his own castle, Wisp became the most ill-fated of the Great Spirits.

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Keyree - The Water Kingdom

Keyree is a kingdom of grottos and underground lakes. The water gives life to many amphibious creatures and some say that even the water is sentient. For this reason many seek out the elusive Ageless Fountain from which all water flows. It is rumored to cure all disease and give one the lifespan of a god. Keyree is home to many infamous pirates and trade generals.

Undine is the Great Spirit of water. Unlike the other Great Spirits, Undine is mentally imprisoned by a lavished lifestyle and an aristocratic obligation. The Kingdom of Keyree has made her a into a celebrity queen. To their dismay, Undine is occasionally uncooperative. Lacking the power to force her hand, the delegates have to cater to her every whim. The kingdom uses her power to manipulate the watery trade routes to their advantage. Undine is often on display in her throne room and is the only Great Spirit that can be spoken to directly. 

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The Abyss - Kingdom of Darkness

Only darkness greets the ones brave enough to set foot inside The Abyss. No one knows how the realm devours light. Whether the light is mechanical or magical, it always vanishes when it encounters the thick darkness. Only the bioluminescence of the Tizzies, a native creature of the Abyss, is able to cut through the unnatural darkness. No one really knows what this despondent land holds and not many are brave enough to find out.

Shade, the Great Spirit of darkness knows the fear of all who enter his domain. He prefers to take the form of a cloaked human or a menacing black wolf. Coordinated armies of neighboring kingdoms have tried to assault his lands. Once they entered the darkness, it only took seconds for the screaming to start...and only mere minutes before the farce was completely decimated. Of all the Great Sprits Shade is the only one that roams his realm and all others unchecked. Firmly taking the "Don't mess with me and I won't mess with you" approach.

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Nihil - The Dead Moon

Eschaton is a godly ethereal being of Entropy. It is trapped at the end of time on Nihil, a dead moon orbiting a collapsed planet. Though far off in the cosmos, the mortal Ibn Ardens has become an ambassador of Eschaton. Creating a cult reveling in counter-existence, Ibn Ardens carries out schemes on Eschaton's behalf.


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