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Find Your Second Self - Explore the Playable Species of Gaia

Unlimited Online introduces a captivating twist to these familiar species, providing a fresh and immersive experience that sets it apart. Explore the secrets of the Seafolk, who navigate the vast ocean depths with unrivaled skill and craftsmanship, or unravel the mysteries of the fallen Fallen, who have found an unlikely harmony with the machines and survivors of the abandoned Dwarven city, DonDon.

Each species possesses its own strengths, weaknesses, and captivating lore, allowing you to craft a character with a unique backstory and set of abilities. Whether you choose to embrace the resilience and regenerative powers of the Vineborn or embody the primal instincts and shapeshifting prowess of the Beastkin, the choice is yours.

The Beastkin are the first children of Gaia. Their diverse nature allowed them to settle in every corner of the realm. They are blessed with the wisdom of creation and understand the natural flow of mana. Using this mana they nurture their young into strong intelligent successors. 

There are many prosperous settlements of Beastkin. The most notable is the city of Hillcrest ruled by Third Generation Alpha, Bishop the Shooting Star.
Under his rule trade between remote regions of Acier and  Yanzill is possible. Although politically this trade has been seen as a way to support D-Line in the overthrow of the Acier Nobility.

Mistaking a Beastkin for a common animal is usually a confrontation that ends in a trip to the healer. While Beastkin may resemble their lesser counterparts they are usually many times larger with mana infused traits such as iridescent fur or luminescent eyes. Communication between species is done vocally or telepathically between clan mates.

Born in rays of dawn, Celestials descend from heavens above, shimmering as morning dew. Their forms coalesce from pure consciousness and mana, morphing into sacred vessels of their own design. No Celestial endures helpless infancy - each awakens fully formed and enlightened.

Legends say Luna the Moon Spirit selectively reincarnates worthy souls as Celestials, granting them clemency to fulfill crucial missions. Most remember nothing of who they once were, their minds wiped blank like smooth stone.

Without nations to call home, Celestials wander as nomads or take up residence in secluded temples. Wise and benevolent, many become renowned for humanitarian miracles that endear them to the masses. 

Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes its blood. The golden blood of a Celestial highly sought after for nefarious rituals. It is genuinely frowned upon. Illegal even. Punishable by eradication of one’s bloodline.

The indomitable Dwarves, brought to life by the mighty elemental spirit Gnome! Short in stature but unmatched in strength, they embody unwavering determination and unyielding stubbornness.

Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, the Dwarves excel in the arts of weapon forging, mining, and physical combat. Their subterranean kingdom sprawls beneath the surface, stretching across vast underground realms that traverse the world of Gaia.

With an extensive network of tunnels and skilled spies, the Dwarves possess an uncanny ability to infiltrate nations and gain intelligence from even the most guarded corners. A military powerhouse feared by many, their formidable presence strikes awe into the hearts of adversaries.

Yet, the Dwarves are not without their own internal struggles. Bloody disputes over borders and resources have stained their history, fueling a fierce sense of loyalty to their clans and a relentless drive to protect what they hold dear.

Nestled within secluded glades lie the Elven citadels. Resplendent crystalline structures reflecting the surrounding woodlands, house the ageless Elves whose lithe forms and piercing intellect reflect their mystic origins. Born from the Great Spirit Dryad their long lives grant them perspectives far exceeding younger races. In eras past, Elves sought to impose their wisdom upon the realm, mustering arcane might against those who resisted their vision.

The Elves enlisted the Orcs as foot soldiers with enticing promises, but victory proved elusive. Failure inflicted grave wounds upon the unity of Gaia’s people. 

Withdrawing in disgrace, the Elves retreated into the depths of Yanzill, ruminating upon their hubris. Melancholy weighs upon Elven spirits, who watch the seasons turn with bittersweet reminiscence. Seeking atonement, Elves now extend open hands instead of clenched fists, sharing their knowledge freely with all who desire friendship. Yet they know that for some, the sting of broken trusts endures.

Seekers of arcane knowledge journey from all lands to study at the grand Elven magic universities, whose extensive libraries brim with ancient tomes and nature’s secrets.

Each year the Elves host one of the greatest magical events in the realm, inviting spellcasters from every race to convene, collaborate, and delight in a festival of wonders. Through events like these they hope to garner favor and fame, building new connections to replace the broken trusts of yesterday.

Since the beginning, the Fallen have existed separately from the children of Gaia. Watching the folly of the favored species of the realm, the Fallen have learned well the vices and temptations of society. 

Over time the positive energies were hoarded by the other races to expand and create their kingdoms. The negative energies of Gaia were undesirable and thus uncontested. The Fallen were able to siphon these energies through the veil and use it. Without the balance of light, these energies altered the appearance of the Fallen into fiendish demonic forms.

After the Dwarven Sons of Gaia pierced the Veil with the mighty excavator Gungnir, the Fallen escaped the depths and invaded the capital city of DonDon. The Fallen souls without bodies possessed the inanimate machines and objects of the city. The Dwarves fled the city in terror.
Somehow, survivors and machines alike now thrived under Fallen guidance, woven together into an unfamiliar harmony. Perhaps desperation and wisdom cultivated understanding between once intractable foes. Or perhaps the Fallen merely masked their true ambitions with a fair illusion. None can yet say if this peace will weather the test of time.

Hexari are the first species of Gaia to develop through evolution. The Greater Elemental Spirits all have their favored children whom they created. The ecosystem itself seemed to have spawned the Hexari. Non  self-aware insects in mana ladened areas began to develop consciousness. Through the Hive Mind, intelligence of the species grew rapidly. 

When the Hexari began expansion they were met with fear and persecution from the rest of the realm. They were forced back to their islands of origin. Upon the verge of extinction the Hexari received aid from the Seafolk. Together they formed the modern sea trade routes of Gaia. Reluctantly, the rest of the realm has accepted the Hexari as brethren. 

In Hexari society, a female hierarchy reigns supreme, with males serving as guardians and laborers. Most male Hexari venture abroad to procure information, establish relationships, and gather resources for the brood mothers. The revered female Hexari often assume the role of taskmasters, overseeing the operations of their kin.

Of all the mortal races, humanity’s spirit burns the brightest! Their moods swing between stirring artistic joy and fierce righteous fury. This passion lent them particular resilience against the failed Elven conquest, as humans spearheaded the resistance.

Yet the same zeal also fuels humankind’s conflicts, ambition, and lust for progress. While the elder races value humanity’s artistry and innovation, some fear their relentless emotions may turn humanity astray.

Humans have eagerly bred with other species, populating Gaia with a multitude of hybrid offspring who share in their adaptability and fire. The most technologically advanced human kingdom has fostered renowned engineers and scientists.

Seeking to emulate the Great Spirits, humans attempted to create life, thus birthing the Tetsujin - soul-imbued robotic beings who now fight for a place in Gaia. This hunger to play god has also led some humans down dark paths, threatening the delicate balance of the realm.

For all their complexity, humans remain integral to Gaia’s cooperative future. Ingenuity drives advancement, passion spreads ideas, their numbers expand connections. While the flames may burn too bright at times, a tempered humanity may illuminate a new golden age for the world.

Roaming the wild borders of civilization dwell the formidable Orcs. Long ago deceived by the honeyed lies of the Elven hierarchy, the Orcs retreated from the trappings of empires. They found solace in the freedom of the open road.

Enduring tribes navigate the vast wilderness, obeying no borders but their own. Guiding their migration are the spirits of ancestors past, who bequeath the living with fragments of wisdom and fury. When consumed by berserker rage, Orcs carry the battle-hungry ghosts of yesterday upon their shoulders, fighting with preternatural strength unmatched by any mortal force.

Yet while ferocity lies at the heart of Orcish culture, it is tempered by discipline, loyalty, and reverence for the natural world. Shamans walk tangled paths to communion with beasts and elements, gaining boons to aid the vulnerable. Chiefs must prove their worth through feats of valor, physical perfection, and spiritual vision.

The Orcs’ chosen isolation shields them from foreign manipulation, but also estranges them from former friends. Lingering mistrust is a wall none have breached, yet some still hope to heal the rifts of history, inviting their proud Orc cousins to rejoin the circle of Gaia’s people.

Seafolk, beloved children of Undine, the Great Elemental Spirit of Water.  Once guardians of the entire realm, they were granted freedom and rewarded with the boundless deep seas as their domain. Thriving in the aquatic realm, the Seafolk’s unparalleled skills as artisans and tradesmen have earned them renown throughout Gaia. Hand made treasures and artifacts capture the very essence of the sea’s secrets.

Guided by astute navigation skills, the Seafolk have mastered the intercontinental trade routes, harnessing the vast wealth of the ocean’s depths. The Seafolk kingdom of Keyree shines as a beacon of prosperity and beauty. The bustling city serving as a hub of exchange that unites distant lands and cultures through the power of commerce.

The Seafolk’s democratic council sets a remarkable example of stability and longevity, illuminating Gaia with their enduring governance. Noble hierarchies are threatened by the success of Keyree’s free trade and democracy. Undaunted, the Seafolk promote their way of life and produce many high demand traders and adventurers.

The realm of Gaia thunders with the march of mechanical lifeforms known as the Tetsujin! Originally forged in human factories as robotic laborers, these metal beings gained sentience from an infusion of elemental mana.

Seeking self-determination, the Tetsujin abandoned their bondage and fought for freedom. Humans had mass produced them in a myriad of forms to resemble creatures, people and nature. The factories took on minds of their own, instigating the synthetic uprising.

After a swift and terrible battle, the human military destroyed the rogue lead factory before it could spread across Gaia. With its last act, the burning factory signaled all Tetsujin to retreat, survive,and be free.

Today, Tetsujin wanderers explore Gaia seeking purpose. Lacking reproductive capabilities, each remains irreplaceable now that the production facilities lie in ruin. Regretting their unchecked ambitions, humans granted Tetsujin rights as a recognized sentient species.

Tetsujin have assimilated into villages or roam as nomads, answering to no master but their own enlightened spirits. While some still fear them, most of Gaia embrace these wayward mechanical children, welcoming them into the diverse mosaic of life.

Vineborn arise from the verdant heart of Gaia’s most mana-rich regions. Where elemental magic saturates the earth, clusters of exotic flora gain sentience.

Mushrooms, flowers, trees - all facets of plant life may awaken as Vineborn, creating diverse living villages united by a deep communion with nature. Through roots underground, the Vineborn share knowledge and sustenance, binding each settlement into an extended clan.

Masters of patience, the Vineborn act as stewards, cultivating beauty and harmony. Their regenerative cells allow lost limbs to regrow, reflecting nature’s cycles of rebirth. A symbiotic peace thrives between Vineborn and their Dwarven neighbors who tunnel beneath the surface.

Vineborn yearn to explore, often journeying across the realm as wandering bards. Their songs bring joy, and stories wisdom.

Vineborn owned taverns are cherished havens, where all are welcomed with open arms. Patrons delight in Vineborn’s flavorful ales, and dishes, each creation a labor of love. As consummate hosts, Vineborn tavern keepers have raised hospitality to an art form.

Friends to all races, Vineborn are treated as stalwart custodians, selflessly nurturing Gaia’s splendor. They came to the aid of  Dwarven allies in reclaiming DonDon and fortifying the barrier between realms. Vineborn now cultivate the surface in tranquility, protecting the font of mana so life will eternally bloom.

Tired of the same old mortal races? Introducing the brand new Undead Expansion Species! Choose the path less traveled and experience Gaia as one of the awakened dead!

Rising up in crowded cemeteries across the realm, the Undead offer a fresh take on your Avatar. Customize desiccated flesh, gnarled bones, and ethereal spirit energy to your liking! Express your individuality with options like:

-Glowing phantom eyes
-Exposed ribcage
-Wrappings and bandages
-Tattered vestments
-Classic shovel and lantern gear

Join this mysterious new species and gain an exclusive suite of abilities!

-Spook and dismay the living!
-Consume spectral energy!
-Enchant necromantic artifacts!
-Communicate with departed souls!

The Undead are misunderstood, persecuted and could be harbingers of the dark god Eschaton’s growing influence! But don’t let the haters stop you from embracing the hottest new species in Gaia! Undeath awaits!

*Disclaimer: The Undead are not liable for any cemeteries desecrated during the Avatar creation process. Please be respectful of mortal customs and housing prices in your area.

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